Friday, January 9, 2015

Staying Positive

      So, I've always been a pessimist, I refereed to myself as a realist, but now I'm realizing there's no such thing. Anyway, I found this out because I think  I'm an optimist now.  I found a career path that I'm IN LOVE with I'm using every day to better myself towards it.  I'm reading non-fiction books, I'm doing research on the career (marine Biology by the way), finding out ways I can volunteer at aquariums, get scuba certified, and pretty much anything pertaining to it.  Right now I"m reading a nearly 500 page book called Ocean the Definitive Visual Guide.  It pretty much covers everything from the make up of ocean water to what's in the water, it's really cool.  I'm only on page 7, but I'm taking notes and soaking it in.  Anyway, my point it is, I've found something I'm passionate about, and now I've went from... well depressed actually, to a positive optimist, and now I have a reason to stay positive.  I'm not going to let anything or anyone get in my way of achieving this. I'm excited about school, and life, and everything.  Things are going pretty great right now. I've lost a friend or two during this change, I don't view myself as different person, just a happier one, but I guess they don't like that, but even that doesn't falter my positiveness and it's honestly the best feeling in the world.  So I beg you, before you die, find something you are truly passionate about and pursue it.  Don't let anything rain on your parade,  It's not worth it.  When I was little I was passionate about being the first person on Mars, but was told time and time again that it wouldn't be possible in my life time, that it would never happen, so I got discouraged. I gave up, I lost that "something" my grades in science sucked after that, because I didn't need science if I couldn't go to Mars.  But now, now we're going to be sending people up there.  Someone from my area was picked.  It would have been me. But because I let people rain on my parade and discourage me it's not, which I guess is for the best, I've found what I really want to do, but now I'm struggling to do it because I didn't pay attention in science class.  My point?  If you're not a positive person, staying stay positive won't do anything.  You have get PASSIONATE that's the key to positive thinking.

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