Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly blog maybe? pointless blog? Yes.

New Idea.  Better Idea.  Instead of my "daily" blog it'll be my "weekly" blog, or my "random" blog, or my "pointless" blog since I used to have all these great ideas about what to write and now just nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Just the random stuff that is my life and I'm  not about the idea of my "personal" blog, because well, that's just weird, no one wants to read that.  Though I'm sure it's more entertaining than the crap that I've been writing.  Hm, well...., maybe.  Nope. Probably not.  My "rants and randomness" blog thing already has enough of that.  I don't need to fill this one with it as well.  But I dunno, maybe, I think I'm just typing to type at this point because well hey why not.  Nothing Else better to do for the next 13 minutes that I'm on break.  But I guess I'll stop, and go play some Triva Crack stuff on facebook and dye of boredom.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily blog... Yeah right

This whole "daily" thing is going great don't cha think?  I'm starting to think Maybe I should make this more of a "journal" type thing, the word "blog" makes me feel like I actually need to say something when I'm writing, which I guess is kind of the whole point, you know, to say stuff, rather than just "Hey, I said I'd write daily, so here's today bye!" But anyway, in my defense it's been a hell of a week. The main purpose of this is say that I've started playing basketball and running with a friend who's very bad at basketball like myself.  Every 2 shots we miss we run the length of the court down and back.  Which is very effective since we're terrible.  Also I'm on my 6th day without soda.  But now I'm going to rant a little bit.  Here's my week.
 My week
I started writing in my old stories some.  Just a few pages here and there, nothing much.  I was also told that I'm on the verge of getting fired from the job I've had for the last 17 months.  It's also my only job, ever.  Why am I on the verge of getting fired?  Well see, we have this thing in the fast food business called "mispacks" which is basically what it sounds like, it's whenever a customer's order is mispacked.  Anyway, back in October I was trying to juggle first semester in college, friends, and work, so my work ethic may have been a little slacked.  Anyway, I had 3 mispacks that month which is highly frowned upon in my place of employment.  So this month when all the new rules kicked in; we now have days where we're "on call" yep.  A fast food restaurant where we're "on call" if we don't show up, or can't show up we get written up and on a 3-5 day suspension. We call in once 3-5 days, call in twice and you're outta here.  We have a mispack we get written up, second is 3-5 day suspension, and next is termination.  Now this mispack is an issue I've became very serious about to make up for my horribleness in October.   I don't mispack.  I'm careful, because I like my job and I realize how lucky I am to still have it after that month.  But when I'm working the drive through window I put an appropriate amount of trust in my packer not to mispack (I'm not allowed away from the window during rush).  I look in the bag, make sure all the right wrappers are there, that kind of thing.  95% of the time if there's something special like a cajan cheese biscuit, I'll yell back to my packer and ask to make sure that's what they grabbed before handing it out.  Well there's still that 5%.  And that 5% got me in trouble.  See whenever we have a mispack it goes on the drive through person's record.   The packer doesn't even get a slap on the hand.  The drive through person get's written up.  So after that mispack I changed the 95% into 100% and usually asking more than once.  But it's not my fault if my packer lies to me.  I'm not going to take the biscuit out of the bag and open it up after I've been handling money.   That looks disgusting to the customer at the window.  But management doesn't see it that way.  All they see is that I had 2 mispacks in one day. So the manager sat me down the next day.  The only reason I didn't get suspended is because we already had to many people on suspension.  So they bring up the October thing (I should mention I had 0 mispacks the entire months of November and December), and say that because of that, and this I'm no longer a "trustworthy drive through  cashier and the next mispack or write up I get I'm fired.  After 18 months I'm on the verge of getting fired because my packer lied to me.  When we close drive through has a list of 20 things we have to have done.  If we get 3 of those counted off we get written up.  Front person has over 30 with the same rules.  I closed drive through or front 4 days that week.  Each night going home having to worry if I'll still have a job the next day. Anyway, I was doing the closing thing Tuesday-Friday, and saturday I had a 4.5 hour shift, just a simple mid-shift that has a lot to do, but no chance of write ups, due to not a lot of business.  What did they have me doing on Saturday.? Training a new MANAGER.  Obviously I'm confused on whether to be utterly pissed by this or utterly honored.  I'm not a "trustworthy drive through cashier" but you'll have me train a manager on drive through?  I was awed by that, but yeah, that was my week. The work part. I'll stop ranting now. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Staying Positive

      So, I've always been a pessimist, I refereed to myself as a realist, but now I'm realizing there's no such thing. Anyway, I found this out because I think  I'm an optimist now.  I found a career path that I'm IN LOVE with I'm using every day to better myself towards it.  I'm reading non-fiction books, I'm doing research on the career (marine Biology by the way), finding out ways I can volunteer at aquariums, get scuba certified, and pretty much anything pertaining to it.  Right now I"m reading a nearly 500 page book called Ocean the Definitive Visual Guide.  It pretty much covers everything from the make up of ocean water to what's in the water, it's really cool.  I'm only on page 7, but I'm taking notes and soaking it in.  Anyway, my point it is, I've found something I'm passionate about, and now I've went from... well depressed actually, to a positive optimist, and now I have a reason to stay positive.  I'm not going to let anything or anyone get in my way of achieving this. I'm excited about school, and life, and everything.  Things are going pretty great right now. I've lost a friend or two during this change, I don't view myself as different person, just a happier one, but I guess they don't like that, but even that doesn't falter my positiveness and it's honestly the best feeling in the world.  So I beg you, before you die, find something you are truly passionate about and pursue it.  Don't let anything rain on your parade,  It's not worth it.  When I was little I was passionate about being the first person on Mars, but was told time and time again that it wouldn't be possible in my life time, that it would never happen, so I got discouraged. I gave up, I lost that "something" my grades in science sucked after that, because I didn't need science if I couldn't go to Mars.  But now, now we're going to be sending people up there.  Someone from my area was picked.  It would have been me. But because I let people rain on my parade and discourage me it's not, which I guess is for the best, I've found what I really want to do, but now I'm struggling to do it because I didn't pay attention in science class.  My point?  If you're not a positive person, staying stay positive won't do anything.  You have get PASSIONATE that's the key to positive thinking.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


     I'm not going to make a new years resolution.  I'm not going to make a list of things that I know I'm not going to accomplish.  Instead I'm simply going to make a few rules.  It's 2015, I turn 20 this year. This is the year I finally figure out how to work life.  2014 was filled with a lot of firsts, I wrecked my first car, broke my first bone (my back), graduated high school, got to experience working 6-7 days a week at 30-40 hours for two months, reached the one year mark at my job, started college, and turned 19.  And that was just my year.  My mom got her first actual job in a very long time, my brother graduated college, and got his first actual job in a very long time as well. My other brother worked in Chattanooga as cop, before moving in with his girl friend and being a cop in their time, he also got in engaged.  My point?  A lot of things can happen.  You can accomplish a lot of things.          
       With out even trying. So imagine, if you actually try.
So what am I doing to make 2015 unlike any year? What am I doing to make sure on my 20th birthday I don't look back and see all the things I could have done?  Firstly, I'm not going to make a list of all the things I think I should do this year.  Secondly, I'm going to make a list of all the things I'm not allowed to say. Then, I'm going to make a list of all things I'm going to do this year.

Things I'm not allowed to say
  1.  I don't have time. 
    1. Yes. Yes you do. School starts the 20th.  You have three days off a week. You can hang out with friends one day, do homework/laundry/whatever else needs to be done one of the others.
  2. It's to hard.
    1. No it's not.  You're just lazy. 
  3. I don't feel like it.
    1. Do I even need to explain this one?
  4. It won't help in the long run.
    1. Don't know until you try.
  5. I'm to tired
    1. Oh b.s. You'll live.
  6. I don't know how.
    1. .... You're on the computer for God's sake.
  7. I don't want to (if it's something you actually kind of want to do. This doesn't apply to things other people ask you to do)
    1. Oh just shut the hell up and do it. 
Things I'm going to do
  1. Laundry Wednesdays
  2. WATER
  4. Car insurance
  5. Straight A's... and maybe a B or two. 
  6. $50 a week, plus Gas. 
    1. Every Friday take out $50, the rest stays in your bank account. The next pay day transfer what's in the account over to savings. 
  7. Get scuba certified. 
  8. Learn. Everyday.
  9. Update this blog every day.  Tell about my new adventures.  Maybe I dyed my laundry pink? Maybe I learned that water takes longer to heat up because most of the energy is being put to the use of breaking apart hydrogen bonds (true story), maybe I actually did something.
  10. Try new foods.