Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly blog maybe? pointless blog? Yes.

New Idea.  Better Idea.  Instead of my "daily" blog it'll be my "weekly" blog, or my "random" blog, or my "pointless" blog since I used to have all these great ideas about what to write and now just nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Just the random stuff that is my life and I'm  not about the idea of my "personal" blog, because well, that's just weird, no one wants to read that.  Though I'm sure it's more entertaining than the crap that I've been writing.  Hm, well...., maybe.  Nope. Probably not.  My "rants and randomness" blog thing already has enough of that.  I don't need to fill this one with it as well.  But I dunno, maybe, I think I'm just typing to type at this point because well hey why not.  Nothing Else better to do for the next 13 minutes that I'm on break.  But I guess I'll stop, and go play some Triva Crack stuff on facebook and dye of boredom.

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